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Quality Products for Over 20 Years.
Evergreen has been developing innovative products for over 20 years, and is trusted by thousands of top retailers.
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Evergreen® is Trusted and Experienced.
A trusted and experienced products company founded in 1997.
Evergreen specializes in general merchandise products that are sold both domestically and internationally. Evergreen has branded itself as a leader in innovative pest control, with an emphasis on non-toxic, DEET-Free, effective products.
In addition, our product line includes extensive lines of everyday household products as well as health and beauty products. We continue to supplement our existing product portfolio with creative new products that solve everyday needs and generate consumer demand.
Developing innovative products for over 20 years.
We are trusted and used by thousands of top retailers and chains.
Over $500MM in consumer product sales since 2000.
We Are Industry Leaders.
Dedicated Team
Evergreen's team always strives for success, and nothing else.
Industry Leaders
We are one of the top products companies in the United States.
Trusted By Thousands
We are trusted and used by thousands of the top retailers.
Evergreen® Strives for More than Just Sales.
We treat each and every one of our clients with the highest respect.
Evergreen has strong partnerships with virtually every major drug chain, mass merchandiser, supermarket, and wholesaler in North America. Departments of Transportation, Safety Supply Distributors, Forestry Departments, Major Chain Retailers, Grocery, Convenience, Drug Stores, Beauty Supply Stores, Salons, Health-food Stores, and other niche market retailers continue to enjoy success year after year with our products.
We do more for our clients. We are fast, timely, effective, and exceed our expectations. From strategies to marketing, we help with anything and everything a client may need.

"We love working with Evergreen on everything they offer, from new products to new strategies, and they are always helpful and have a very efficient team."

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Evergreen® Has Talent & Experience.
For over 20 years, we've been developing, sourcing, and merchandising.
The talented and innovative team behind Evergreen takes a product from concept through design and development to deliver superior products to the market. As one of the fastest growing consumer products companies in North County San Diego, Evergreen can be relied upon to offer solutions to many of today's problems.
Talented employees with over 250 years of combined team experience.
Team of experienced individuals who go above and beyond for clients.
Efficient and effective team members who strive for success.
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Some of Our Best-Selling Products.
Magical Flames
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Marvel Hand Sanitizer
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Superman FitDeck
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Evergreen® is On The Web.
We take social media just as seriously.
With online sales increasing year over year, it is increasingly important to feature and sell products across the web. From Amazon to Shopify, we showcase our products on all major sale-driven platforms. Our marketing team takes advantage of low-cost marketing strategies that are continuing to be a big success.

"Taking advantage of online sales and marketing is very helpful in driving revenue and reaching a massive audience that you can't get with other marketing strategies."

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